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Use internal pages to tell me about specific services or products you offer. When telling me about them, make sure to focus on me not you - I'm interested in what I can get, not when you were founded. These pages should be used to describe the majority of your business and will make up the majority of your site. When you’re writing these pages, think about me – why have I come here, and what’s in it for me if I stay?

Help me understand how you'll benefit my life

"Keep testimonials short, to the point, directly related to the rest of the page content and always attributable to someone."

- John Van Doe

Describe what your product or service offers, and how I'll benefit from it. Make sure to mention your services so I know I’m in the right place and focus your writing on me so I know I matter to you.


Explain to me how your services  work

What can I expect from you and your services or products? What do I have to do to get them? How will you make it easy for me to buy from you? If I’ve read this far, I’m very interested in your business. Remind me what you’re going to give me and how happy you’ll make me feel. Now give me options of other services or products I could use – I want to stay – give me links so I can find out about other services you offer.

What other information is there that relates to your services?

Emphasise what I’ll get from you, and tell me how to get it.

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